One time…at band camp… Okay, so we all know I didn’t go to band camp, but if you recognize the catch phrase then you will probably appreciate my commentary.  Nothing says rainy weekend after the kids go to bed like American Reunion.  For all of you that don’t hang out in the gutter humor crowd, that would be the recent follow-up to the 1999 American Pie series.  It didn’t make much of a presence at the box office, but it’s actually damn funny.  Probably the best one since the original… you know the one where they put the American in apple pie…literally.  (I know.  Totally inappropriate, but how can you not visualize that???)

I’m just sayin’ that I feel like we could all use a good laugh right about now and that’s what American Reunion is.  So it’s not going to be in the same category as Cider House Rules or The English Patient, but thank God for that!  No, this is a good romantic comedy if you are juvenile, inappropriate, or not afraid to pick up a Fifty Shades of Grey book and admit you like it!  Yes, you wil cringe, giggle, hide your eyes, and say “OMG!” outloud, but that’s the reason to watch it!

For all of us who remember what it was like to party like it was 1999 or even in 1999, American Reunion is worth the rent.  Stiffler set off my gag reflex which is honestly happening again just thinking about it.  Jim and his dad had lots of awkward, hysterically wrong conversations.  Oz showed back up (and come on, loyal Chris Klein fans – he is a Midwestern boy).  And there was even a proper amount of nostalgia necessary for it to be a reunion complete with music by Blink 182 and all the original cast members minus Jim’s mom.  To top it off, I know what you really want to know:  yes, there is free boobin’, free ballin, and references to instrument usage.

All I know is that my stress level has been pretty high lately and I still laughed.  I even went to work and told some old friends that we rented it, and we reminisced about seeing the original back in an old movie theater now replaced by La Mesa and how back then we didn’t discuss gray hair, picking up food for the family, or gas prices.  Guess maybe that’s the great thing about reunion movies  – they bring back some of your old fun shit, too.  Nothing like a few old stories to bring a smile.  Nothing like telling the spouse about drinking with your buddies in high school or skinny-dipping with the cheerleaders.  And if that doesn’t work, maybe you need to go to band camp!  Never mind.  Maybe not.

Either way, I can tell you it’s worth the watch.  You probably won’t walk away any smarter, but you probably will go away happier or at least with a quote you can use as an inappropriate post on facebook…