Fill in the blank.  Screech ____________.  Zack _____________.  AC _______________.  Lisa ______________.  Kelly __________________.  Jessie _______________.  (*Answers given below.)  How many did you get right?  All?  There’s nothing like Saved By the Bell or as they’d refer to it now:  SBTB.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to go over to my nieces’ and nephews’ house to find them watching re-runs.  The legacy lives!  Lol.  Seriously though, I bet you have episodes replaying in your mind as we speak.  Are you picturing Zack in the beach episodes or the hick dance where AC and Jessie got trapped in the furnace room?  What about when Zack was selling Lisa’s clothing out of the lockers or when Screech sold his “famous” spaghetti sauce in the beakers?  Or when they met the homeless people at the mall doing the Christmas Carol play?  Oh, or when they gave Zack lemon extract so he couldn’t sing the school song?

Are you willing to admit that you still catch some repeats when you’re on the treadmill in the morning or shoveling breakfast down before running out the door to work?  Yeah, we all do it.

Do you ever wonder what your draw is to it?  Well, besides the fact that it’s either SBTB or infomercials on hair extensions and updates on the latest shootings via NBC news?  With those options, of course we run to the carefree days of Bayside and our nostalgic past.  Thinking back, I have to assume many of us were infatuated with the show because of my fave heart-throbs Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez (who I might add are still at the top of the hot list) or Tiffani-Amber Thiessen for you guys out there (okay, maybe Elizabeth Berkley or Lark Voorhies did it for you, too, but we all know Kelly was the princess).  Then again, maybe we watched because we all wanted a group of friends that loved us like a family, or more importantly, we were hoping all of our drama would disappear in approximately 22 minutes or less!  (That would rock, by the way!)  Truthfully though, maybe we all hope that people befriend us for our redeeming qualities amassed beneath our nerdy, jockish, or fashionista-istic personas.  Yeah, that’s unlikely, huh?  Still love it though!

Honestly, I’m most excited that the new generation has a fascination with Saved By the Bell because maybe there’s hope for them afterall.  Lol.  Seriously though, I’m curious what brings them into the fold, but I hope it’s the universality of divorce, backing your mom’s car into something, getting into the right college, and schmoozing the principal.  Or if it’s not, maybe they just like laughing at our cordless Zack Morris telephones and our big bangs and rolled pantlegs.  Either way, I’m hoping they learn a lesson or two.  I mean, we all know Jessie is the reason I didn’t take No-Doz in college! Lol.

In the meantime, I promise not to tattle that you watch…but only if I hear the episodes you remember or the lessons learned!

*(Answers:  you didn’t really need to look – you knew all of them, but whatever:  Powers, Morris, Slater, Turtle, Kapowski, Spano – bonus points if you knew Jessie’s middle name was Myrtle)