Red Solo Cup - I'll fill you up...with May Day goodies...

It’s like Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin except it’s me and a little day we call May Day but completely the same otherwise… (ha ha)  Every year, I beg, plead, and encourage all of you to participate in a day meant to mark summer being on the way and people dancing around a May Pole in celebration.  Needless to say, nobody wants to see me dance, and there’s a certain stigma involved when a pole is part of the deal, but I prefer to focus on baskets.

Come on, people, help a girl out.  I’m giving you a few days notice so you can be prepped and ready to do it up right.  On May 1st, I want you to commemorate May Day with me.  Sure, you’re busy and you have laundry, children’s sports, and work, but this is your moment to go back in time.  Make it vintage 70’s, small town, know-your-neighbor fun.

Listen, it’s perfect for the family.  You fill up your red solo cup and you let the kids put popcorn and M&Ms in theirs.  Wha-la!  May baskets.  And what kid isn’t going to love sneaking up to somebody’s door, dropping off a gift, and making a break for it?  And drunk college kids?  Are you kidding me?  Think how much fun it would be to be drunk and ding, dong, ditching?  And that’s exercise right there, friends.  We’re solving the obesity problem right here, people!

If you don’t want to do Dixie cups, they have printable cardstock origami baskets on the internet.  Print ‘em off and load ‘em up with gum or kool-aid or porn if you don’t want to give candy.  Although let me just say, it’s a rare person that won’t take chocolate from a neighbor.  Then again, if you don’t have to be PG, why not sneak the elderly lady down the street a wine cooler?  You know she’s too embarrassed to buy ‘em at the grocery store but she loves a good buzz as much as the rest of us.

Of course, I know some of you are thinking even after listening to me that there just isn’t time in the day, but I’m not asking for miracles.  Feel free to use flowers out of your flower bed.  Think frugalista (or frugalist?? for a guy?).   Heck, you can even make construction paper flowers.  Channel that inner elementary art learning from way back when!  I’m completely okay with that, too!    I’ll be completely satisfied if you have your kid write “Happy May Day!” on paper and hold it up so you can take a picture of him/her to text to family and friends.  I’m not asking much.  Just a little acknowledgement of the day.

Personally, I will be making some banana bread for one of our elderly neighbors.  Not a clue in the world what his name is but we always chat when he’s out on his morning walk, and I’d love to surprise him with a little treat.  It was that or some lilacs in a wine bottle but nothing says manly like flowers so I opted for baked goods.  Of course, he will not be the sole winner.  I will be making my rounds, as well.  Call me sappy but one of my favorite memories was of a much younger version of my hubs having his mom drive him out to put a May basket on my porch.  Yes, I’m sentimental, but if you tell anybody I’ll hunt you down and make you scoop crap at the farm with me!  And don’t think I won’t do it!

Do whatever you want, but at the very least, put a Happy May Day out there on your facebook page.  It’s free and it brings happiness.  Two words we all love!  Now, get movin’.  You have work to do.   Make the world aware, people!  (And don’t feel you need to drop off Reese’s or Mountain Dew at my house.  I’ve got it covered!)  Happy May Day, y’all!