living on decoupaged to my bathroom wall - no lie!

Sing it with me:  Bandstand… (now do some jazz hands and go an octave lower) Bandstand

Listen, we all know I usually try to stay on the lighter side of topics as I still tried to do here, but I would be remiss to not celebrate the life of Mr. Dick Clark.  There are a few people in this world of pop culture that influenced my life in ways I can’t begin to speak of and Dick Clark ranks up there with Aaron Spelling and Judy Blume.  Yes, people, Dick Clark Productions brought us an After School Special!  Remember those?  He brought us the CMAs, the AMAs, So You Think You Can Dance, the Daytime Emmys, American Dreams, Bloopers & Practical Jokes, the Golden Globes, the freaking Weird Al Show, Donnie & Marie (I’m still a little bit country and a lil bit rock-n-roll), and don’t even tell me you didn’t rock in your New Year Eve’s with Dick Clark!

The man was a legend, not just because he was Dick Clark, but because he never got old!  He didn’t even age!  (Okay, so the stroke didn’t do him justice, but I am officially blocking the last 5 years out of my memory so I can remember him as he deserves to be remembered.)  He went from being a hip cat to a fly dude to a cool sumbitch!  He was never out of style.  He actually transformed from black and white to color.  When Bandstand started out it was black and white and finished live in color with the likes of the Beatles, Madonna, and even Run DMC.  He lived from 45s to Ipods.  That, my friends, gets a 98 on a scale from 35 to 98.  And it’s not as easy as it seems… I tried my hand:

Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday:  It’s got a good beat but I can’t dance to it (of course, that’s because I’m a white girl with no rhythm, but that’s neither here nor there)

Taylor Swift 2012 album release:  It’s got good lyrics so who gives a shit if I can’t dance to it?

Want your chance?  Okay, rate it:  Bieber – Believe…

I can only imagine what you must be saying right now!

Okay, so maybe you don’t have quite the appreciation I do because you were too young to watch American Bandstand like I did.  Maybe you never wished you could dance like the crazy-outfitted teenagers that showed up each week.  Who didn’t want to be that skilled and that cool that Dick Clark included them?

Here’s the thing though.  Dick Clark taught me Password and even Joey on Friends tried his hand at $25,000 Pyramid.  (No disrespect intended, just my humorous version.)  Come on.  Here’s your chance:

“It isn’t my fault I’m broke and homeless.”

“I lost my virginity when I was 13.  Lizzy was supposed to watch me but she went out to get high.”

“Live with me?  Hell, no, I’m putting you in a home!”

Yes, you guessed it!  Things you should never say to your parents!  Okay, you talked me into it.  One more:







Too easy, wasn’t it?  Yes, the category was Prefixes to Shit.  Well done!  See, tell me you didn’t just have fun.  And who do we have to thank?  That’s right…Mr. Dick Clark.

Okay, so I may have poked a little fun along the way, but Dick Clark will forever be a class act in my mind.  On a record-rating scale, he was record setting.  He made it so I could dance to it – in front of the TV, in my car, or on my run at the track.  He smiled big.  He made millions.  He gave generations the best he had, and I, personally, benefitted from that.  If you’re reading this, I have to guess you did, too.  And I promise I won’t tell anybody if you have a little American Bandstand dance-off in your kitchen tonight.  I can pretty much bet there will be one in mine, ending in a final salute.  So, for now, Dick Clark, so long…

May the Lord be your Shepherd…