According to the calendar, to the bajillion posts on facebook, and every flower shop in town, it’s Mother’s Day.  A pretty big day for a lot of people.  And I was thinking about all the things a good mom actually is when I informed my own mom that we were going to have to postpone Mother’s Day till next weekend to which she was graciously understanding and wonderful about it.

So I guess you can ask yourself if you, or your mom, your wife, or someone who claims you and you’d rather were your mom, fits the “Your Momma’s So Phat” list:

  1. Yer momma’s so good that she’s the first to get yelled at first when things go wrong (because we assume she will still love us no matter how horrible we treat her).
  2. Yer momma’s so good, she gives you kisses and hugs that help you sleep when you’re little and embarrass you when you’re a teenager.
  3. Yer momma’s so good, she’s tough with you even when she doesn’t want to be and you may hate her for awhile as a teenager but will someday love her more for it.
  4. Yer momma’s so good she takes your crappy little-kid-homemade gifts like note holders and pen holder cans made of orange juice cans and loves them as if she were given a Rolex watch.
  5. Yer momma’s so good she shows up to watch games, band concerts, and even those awful dance recitals that seem nearly as painful as a root canal.
  6. Yer momma’s so good she lets you use her cell phone even though she knows the next time she gets a call from you in the middle of an important meeting the ringtone will be something like Pretty Girls Rock.
  7. Yer momma’s so good she isn’t surprised that her son doesn’t want to tell her much information after he turns 7, but she cries when she gets “I love you, Mom” yelled to her on graduation day.
  8. Yer momma’s so good she has more crap in her purse for her kids than she does for herself, i.e. wet wipes, toy cars, action heroes, fruit snacks, and crackers.
  9. Yer momma’s so good she teaches a little etiquette, a little responsibility, and a lot of love and decency.
  10. Yer momma’s so good she doesn’t expect you to serve 15 aces in your tennis match or be a rocket scientist at age 16.  She’s simply about unconditional love 24/7, not just when it’s convenient.
  11. Yer momma’s so good she doesn’t enable you, she coaches you, and she tells you to suck it up when necessary.
  12. Yer momma’s so good she gives a lot and asks very little and probably gets less than that.
  13. Yer momma’s so good that she has flaws you give her a hard time about, she raise kids that know how to function in the real world, and when we become adults, she gets all our respect for all the hard work she put into us when others might have questioned her sanity or efforts (and maybe they still do). 🙂

 Happy Mother’s Day to you, your momma, and especially to mine.