Will it be old-skool popcorn balls, caramel apples, miniature Hersheys, fun-size Snickers, or will you be the goody-goody giving granola bars?  Don’t even tell me you’ll be the one hiding in your basement with the lights off, candy-less, and cranking about “kids these days”!

Are you a celebrator or a hater?  I just want to know because I’m snoopy like that.  See, Halloween is a week away, unbeknownst to me until two days ago when I finally looked at the calendar and had a near heart attack, but whatever.  Halloween is upon us and although they say people are dedicating more and more time and money to this little holiday, I have to wonder if that includes you? 

Because somebody out there, and you know I’m talking to you, will be hiding in their basements next Sunday night in order to avoid those “annoying trick-or-treaters.”  You know the type – the kids that dress up like you did a million years ago and ask you for candy on the one night of the year it’s acceptable.  The same kids that normally stay frozen to their spot on the couch playing video games but actually left their house and are walking around outside in the real world hoping you aren’t feeding them poisoned candy or scaring the crap out of them.  That’s exactly why we have to take time to celebrate when the opportunity presents itself. 

Too often we spend our time focusing on the crappy situations that find us or the rest of the world.  But for one night, why not be happy?  Why not celebrate good times, come on?  For once, don’t deserve to be egged!  I get that money may be tight and you don’t want to fork out the big bucks, but head to the dollar store and get some damn candy!  It’s Halloween!  Give kids something to celebrate and give yourself a reason, too!   

See, I know that I have friends at the opposite extreme who will invest at least a hundred bucks on the perfectly slutty French maid/Elvira/Catwoman vixen costume.  Listen, I’m not here to judge.  Well, actually I do, but not on this one.  I’m just simply saying there are people who drop loads of cash in attempts to hook a man or relive their former, wild single girl days on this one night of the year.  Whereas there are some of us who will go to a pumpkin carving party, be home by 9, and still feel good about our “partying ways.”  Others will buy 20 pounds of candy and trick their front lawn out to look like a haunted mansion straight off of Masterpiece Theater.  Whatever your bag of treats is, woo-hoo for you!  I’m all about it!  Just get your party on!

 On more than one occasion I’ve mentioned that if there’s an excuse to celebrate, then jump on the freaking party wagon!  Sure we can sit here and list off people we know who are fighting cancer, are looking for jobs, are going through divorces, etc. but how many times do we stop and cheer for the good times?  We’re too busy thinking about what it will cost us.  I’m just saying:  screw the raisins and being healthy!  Break out the Reeses and enjoy the day!