Hello, summer vacay!

So I’ve been told that I am always counting down to something.  Damn right, I am!  Yeah, I was the zit-faced, chunky-monkey kid with a cross-out-the-days calendar in my locker.  So what?  Anticipation is part of the enjoyment.  It’s like when you’ve listened to the songs on your ipod so many times, you start singing the next song in your head before it comes on.  It’s what keeps us revved up.  Someone might dare to call it foreplay.  

 Maybe you’re looking forward to taking your kids to Disneyland for the first time.  Maybe you’re seeing your sister for the 1st time in 3 years.  Maybe you’re going on vacay to Jamaica, mon.  Maybe you’re drinking and whoring on Saturday night (it’s really none of my business what brings you pleasure).  Maybe you have tickets for the season opener Chiefs game (God help me, they have to win sooner or later!).  Maybe you’re looking forward to retirement.  Or perhaps the plan is just to go home and take a hot bath with a long book. Still, shouldn’t everybody have something to look forward to? 

 You can love your job, but nobody love loves their job.  My theory is that no matter how much you love your job, you love a day off away from your job more.  And if you don’t, um, well, maybe you should rethink your life choices.  Maybe it’s time to get a new family, a new set of friends, a new hobby, a better husband/wife, or a secret hide-out!    Not trying to be harsh, just simply suggesting that all work and no play makes you the crazy guy staring out the window tracing his cat’s paws on the other side of the pane.

 See, the thing is:  you can go to work and have an awesome day.  You can get a compliment on your new shoes that you scored on the end-of-summer sale for $4.  You can unexpectedly run into Brett Favre.  You can find a cheese and cracker tray in the workroom lounge area (shout-out to my LF crowd there).  You can get a promotion, or the cubicle-mate from Hell can “decide to move on” after listening to your subliminal mix cds.  You could even have somebody tell you “what a difference you made in his/her life” (blah, blah, blah). 

 But really, none of that holds a candle to getting up late, laying around in your pj pants, checking out facebook and the movie channel, having a late lunch of chips, pop, and chocolate cake, and getting in a nap around 3.  If someone comes home for an afternoon delight post-nap, sure, go for it, but don’t tell me you’d rather be working.

 I’m just saying, yes, it’s okay to countdown and celebrate life’s little, or big, happinesses.  People may judge, but feel free to take that victory lap around the office waving your tie in the air like a lasso, shouting “I’m free! I’m free!  Woo-hoo!” as you vacate the premises for your 10 day celebrity cruise to Puerto Viarta. 

 I’ll be jealous, but I’ll be cheering for ya…