SOS!  Mayday!  Mayday!  I’m starting a grass roots movement, and I need your butt on the bandwagon!  Now, I realize there are probably worthy causes like teaching southerners to speak English (lol) or feeding the stray pot-bellied pigs roaming our country, but mine is more realistic.  All I’m asking is to bring May Day back! 

 Yes, fellow holiday lovers, this is one to celebrate!  There’s no gift wrapping of Christmas, no 7 hour baking of a turkey, or embarrassing trips to Victoria’s Secret to buy the right size Valentine.  Even better, it CAN involve the drinking of St. Patty’s Day and the masks of Halloween.

 Sure, it doesn’t get us a day off work, and believe me, that saddens me as much as it does you, but it still counts.  May 1st, otherwise known as May Day, marks the fact that summer is almost here!  Thank God! 

 How can you not like May Day???  You can dance around the Maypole (or any pole really – see, boys, that’s a line to use this weekend) or if you’re like me, you can break out the May Day treats! 

Listen, I know what you’re thinking:  I do not need one more thing to do this weekend!  Are you crazy?  Have you seen my to-do list?  Like I have time for some childish game of ding, dong, ditch.  And that is exactly why you should take part in May Day! 

Because when was the last time you enjoyed the luxuries of being a kid?  Of doing something fun without logic or reason?   And still managed to make someone else’s day in the process?  Plus, you don’t even have to take the time to stop and chat.  Just stop, drop, and roll away (or run if it’s a neighbor)!

Traditional protocol included baskets of flowers, or Dixie cups with popcorn and M&M’s, a ring of the doorbell, a sprint to the car and lots of laughing as you spy from the car, but do whatever you want.  It’s the idea, not the execution, that counts.  Nobody will complain about a 2-liter bottle of their favorite pop landing on their doorstep on a Saturday afternoon.  Nor will they be mad to see a set of 4 petunias, a dollar store pinwheel for the garden, a king-size Reeses peanut butter cup, a 6 pack of beer, or a mix cd your daughter made. 

Make it a family fun project with the kids folding paper baskets printed off the internet or a girls’ night out drinking game like or forking but with baskets and lots of giggling or make it a silent victory party for one as you sneak up, drop off, and slink away feeling good about yourself.  However you want to make it happen, just make it happen! 

Why?  Because you know the old adages about he who dies with the most days of work DOESN’T win.

So go team go!  Rally the troops and make May Day happen! 

Pass it on!   Oh, and then let me know if you did something really cool!  I love getting the scoop on that!