So I’m on yahoo this week and what pops up – a story about a girl from Iowa who made her prom dress from gum wrappers that she sewed together.    If it isn’t painful enough that she made the AP because she sewed her own prom dress and is considered a hick from Iowa, top it off with the fact she’s going to prom in gum wrappers!  No, no, not diamonds and silk flown in from India like the snotty, rich, future-housewives-of-orange-county bitches on MTV.  She’s stepping out in discarded sugar-residued, germy-finger-infested trash can crumpled paper!

Yes, sir.  We have an Iowa girl going to prom in gum wrappers – guess that means she’s probably accenting her garment with your standard recycled tire flip-flops and a clutch made of caprisun bags???  Will her bridal gown be of fresh mint orbits wrappers????  Just wondering.

Don’t get me wrong, I have major props for a teenage girl who can sew and who didn’t spend $1000 to be something she’s not for one night.   Mad props for that.  But really, I can’t help but have more questions…

We already live in a society where they offer a scholarship for the best prom tux and dress made out of duck tape.  Plus, with all the new flavors of duck tape down to the camouflage and tie dye, I have to figure it’s the next Project Runway challenge.  Heidi Klum, are you hearing me?  Make it work!

I mean, really, what’s next???? Should I start saving my old credit cards to make a pageboy hat or use my terra cotta flower pots to make clogs?  Just how green will things get?  Are there limits?  Will I one day walk in to see a student in a white ruffled dress made of pantyliners??? I can see it now:  they’ll label it waterproof and every fashionista will fight for it! 

Yikes!  Think of the possibilities!  And as I sit here making fun of it, I keep contemplating the creativity involved, and so I say, bring on my “padded” dress, or maybe it should be a jacket.  It would go quite nicely with my padded cell.  Lol.

So fashionistas out there, what can you come up with????