The lectures begin

 So here’s my thought – why do I do things for people who don’t appreciate it?  Seriously, why?  For every good thing I try to do, somebody finds at least one fault with it.  Because in my old age, I have deduced that the haters either have no sense of humor, or think they are better people than me (which I’m sure they are), or they need to pick on somebody their own size (however, the joke’s on them.  I’m much bigger than most people.)

 Anyway, I think to myself, what the hell are you doing?  Why do you continue to put forth effort for people who don’t want it when there are starving third world countries?  Well, I have an answer for that one at least.  I think my sister has the 3rd world country thing under her control so I’ll leave that to her. 

 But seriously, I feel like one of those drug addicts.  Why do I feel the need to attempt to make a situation better for all when it bites me in the ass?  Oh, yeah, that’s right, because I prefer not to be a selfish bitch.  But that’s all about to change! 

So let’s see:  one selfish bitch coming right up!  Served and on a platter near you. 

Hence, my decision to blog. 

 If you can’t beat the bitchers into submission, bitch about them behind their backs (or to their faces, which is my preference, but again, that apparently makes me a bad person)!